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    Geraldton-Greenough is the ideal base to explore the region’s incredibly beautiful and varied wildflowers.


    Each year from around August to October (depending on the rain) the country explodes into colour as wildflowers burst into bloom.


    Coalseam Conservation Park between Mingenew and Mullewa is renowed for its carpets of pink, white and yellow everlastings. Whole fields become blanketed in colour when these flowers are in bloom.


    Kalbarri National Park (150km north of Geraldton) is home to the vivid gold and orange banksias, grevilleas in white, yellow and red, green and red kangaroo paws, featherflowers in many coloured shades, smokebushes, starflowers and the famous Kalbarri catspaw, the Kalbarri spider orchid and the Murchison hammer orchid.

    Chapman River corridor (4km north of Geraldton city centre) offers several varieties of bushflowers. By following the river inland you will discover around 20 species. We recommend that you stay on top of the embankment.


    Mullewa (100km east) is home to the rare wreath flower and also offers a 3km wildflower walking trail starting at the Caravan Park.


    Canna (south of Mullewa) is renowned for its delicate orchids around the Caron Dam.


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